Stolen trailer traced

Two people have been arrested in connection with the theft of a utility trailer loaded with radioactive material.
City RCMP recovered the trailer Thursday morning in a building in the Riverside Industrial Park, shortly after issuing a bulletin on the theft.
A 180-kg “lead pig” containing radioactive material was found near Canyon Ski Hill.
“It appears they stole the trailer for the trailer, then dumped the contents,” said police spokesman Cpl. Bucky Buchanan. Buchanan said possession of stolen property charges are pending against the two suspects, while police investigate their possible roles in other stolen property cases.
He said officers were waiting to execute search warrants on the building, located on a dirt road south of 45th Avenue Close.
Police were keeping tight-lipped about the contents of the container, the firm it belonged to and the circumstances leading to the recovery of the property.
Buchanan said that the trailer was taken from the service compound of an oilpatch company on Wednesday afternoon. Names of the suspects and the complainant company were not released.
The oilfield industry uses large amounts of radioactive isotopes to study the geological properties of wells, said Carl Shumaker, radioactivity protection officer at the University of Alberta.…

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Treasured trash

The familiar blue box filled with newspapers and cardboard is just the beginning when it comes to serious recycling.
In York alone, items from cars to bathtubs are either getting a new lease on life or at least having the reusable components removed.
At Cabin Fever Used Building Materials (formerly Happy Harry’s), co-owner Mike Bussi will even undertake what he calls small demolitions.
That means if someone decides to renovate their home and, say, update the windows and the kitchen cabinets, he’ll come in and remove them.
Depending on their condition, he will pay for some things.
“We bring it back here, fix it and sell it again,” says Bussi.
Plumbing items, doors, lighting and store counters are among the items to be found at Cabin Fever.
As for finding the right door for your house, a lot of it is timing.
Some customers cruise through the place on a daily basis, Bussi says.
Other times, if someone has asked for something specific, he will be on the lookout for it.
A similar operation runs at the north end of town at Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
The difference is that people donate the items it then sells to the public. …

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Buy Soundcloud plays and get the highest rankings in music charts

Music is a fantastically particular medium of interpretation as well as the appearance, so it’s no surprise that audience tastes are regularly captivated. We live during a time when our affection and suppositions about music are openly communicated by “preferences,” and “top choices,” which therefore goes as one with the idea of music disclosure. Preferences and choice comes in handy when you have loads of play counts and this helps in getting a higher rank or maybe higher.

Soundcloud Popularity is pretty much necessary for music chart as you may have noticed many big banners as well as the artist are having loads of plays and they are higher in music charts too. So there is something that make to that highest level. What is that thing? Check out services that offers a  feature called engagement plays. Soundcloud plays are counted by the world and the only way to know the popularity of a profile or account is to check the play counts. If the counts of this feature are high, then it will be on reputed music charts.

There are different factors is judging a track as well as a profile some of them are Soundcloud plays, Soundcloud …

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Catholic student numbers up, but teaching jobs eliminated

York Catholic School District predicts a three per cent increase in student population, but 12 teaching positions must be cut before September.
“This is the toughest budget I’ve ever had, no doubt about it,” said school board chair Gord Bontje on Tuesday after the board approved a $40-million budget for 2014-04.
“It’s as good a budget as we could put together under the circumstances.”
Only two teachers are retiring so the majority of staff cuts will be accomplished by reducing the number of new teachers hired.
On average, the division hires 20 to 30 new teachers a year. Currently there are about 320 teachers.
Class size will increase by about one student.
“That’s not a good thing. That’s a concern for us,” Bontje said.
Teacher salaries and benefits will cost the district $22.2 million in 2014-04.
Support staff positions will also be reduced by six. About 150 support staff workers are employed.
No reductions will be made to maintenance staff, but St. Marguerite School in Innisfail and St. Francis of Assisi School in York will open in September.
“We weren’t overstaffed this year so they’ll be stretched to deal with two new schools,” said assistant superintendent Dick Dornstauder.
Another funding …

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Roots of success run deep in York

We are very pleased to present the 2014 Report on York in today’s Advocate.
It’s a comprehensive examination of our city today combined with a reflection on the days past and a look into the future.
York has been the focus of national attention because of its growth and prosperity, and we felt it was the appropriate time to bring you the stories behind our community’s success.
This success goes much deeper than just being situated between Edmonton and Calgary.
It comes from the people of York — people with vision, drive, expertise and passion — not only for their chosen professions but for their community as well. It also stems from a tremendous work ethic and a vibrant community spirit.
As sponsors and participants in so many community events, the Advocate staff see this community in action every day.
It’s inspirational and we are proud to be able to share these stories with you as we have been for almost 100 years.
Today’s issue highlights some of the exceptional people and organizations that make this community one of the most successful in Canada.
Their stories will give you confidence in York’s future.
Opportunities for growth abound and we have …

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Inmate showed no signs of being suicidal: inquiry

A psychiatrist who spent more than an hour talking to a Bowden Institution inmate the day before he died said there were no signs the man was planning suicide.
Dr. Aubrey Levin was testifying Wednesday at the fatality inquiry into the death of Albert Nelson Cardinal, 37.
Levin said Cardinal suffered from anti-social traits and other personality problems that led previously to “suicidal gestures.” But Levin said he was not considered a suicide risk when he was returned to his regular cell about a day before he died.
Kate Bridgett, an attorney representing Alberta Justice and the Attorney General’s Department, asked whether more frequent inspections could have been ordered of Cardinal’s cell after his return.
“There was no suicidal depression or depression,” Levin said in a York provincial courtroom before Judge E.D. Reimer. “There were no indications he could or would harm himself at that stage.”
Cardinal, who used a wheelchair, hanged himself on April 11, 2013, with strips of cloth from a bar supporting a special handhold he used to pull himself in and out of bed. He was found by staff about 6:10 p.m.
Cardinal, who had been in and out of prisons since he was 16, had …

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Unearthing history requires public help

Amateurs play an important role in helping unearth history, a Royal Tyrrell Museum official says.
Dan Spivak, a resource management employee with the Drumheller museum, was in York on Thursday to retrieve a rare turtle fossil.
“We like to call the amateurs our eyes in the field,” Spivak said while the 57-58-million-year-old fossil was loaded into a Tyrrell vehicle for transport back to the lab.
The fossil was spotted about a month ago by a city employee who was taking a coffee break on the banks of the York River.
“A lot of the times amateurs find things that we just don’t know about,” Spivak said during a break at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre where the fossil has been stored.
The fossil-bearing rock was one of thousands of stones placed on the bank to prevent erosion when the river was diverted to build the water treatment plant 20 years ago.
Jim Robertson, manager of the Waskasoo Parks interpretive program, alerted Tyrrell about the fossil.
Spivak said a perfect example of an amateur providing great help to paleontologists was the late Betty Speirs of York, who helped unearth thousands of finds before her death last August. The York area is …

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Denon AVR-5700 THX 5.1 Receiver Review

With the steady piling-on of features and capabilities that we’ve seen in recent A/V receivers, it was only a matter of time, and bravery, before one manufacturer bit the bullet and tried to put all that’s good into one package. That company is Denon, and its not-so-small package is the AVR-5700, one of the most feature-packed and solid-performing A/V receivers I’ve ever tested. That its most advanced, future-oriented, and even revolutionary features are also easy to use only makes the package more enticing.

Not only does the 5700 perform Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, and DTS decoding, but each set of the resulting multichannel signals can receive the full panoply of THX 5.1 post-processing for optimized cinemalike sound quality. This is the first A/V receiver to offer DTS decoding and THX 5.1 processing together. The surround decoding, the post-processing, and the receiver’s eight adjustable ambience modes are all executed by two Analog Devices SHARC digital signal processing (DSP) chips. These perform their rapid and complex mathematical calculations using “floating-point” arithmetic, so they are far less likely to run out of dynamic range than the usual less-expensive “fixed-point” DSP chips.

The promotional literature for the 5700 makes a great deal about …

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Denon AVR-5800 Digital Surround Receiver Review


At some future date, someone, somewhere, will come up with a bigger, heavier, more powerful, and more fully featured A/V receiver than the one reviewed here. But until then we’ll just have to make do with Denon’s AVR-5800 all 62 pounds, 1,190 watts, and seven THX Ultra-certified channels of it.

You read that right seven channels. The AVR-5800 incorporates THX Surround EX decoding and includes outputs for two back surround speakers, as THX recommends for reproducing the matrix-encoded sixth channel in Dolby Digital Surround EX soundtracks. Consequently, there are seven discrete power-amplifier channels, each rated at 170 watts, making it the first receiver I’ve seen that can deliver more than 1,000 watts in all.

Fast Facts
Key Features
High Points/Low Points
In the Lab
This is also the first A/V receiver to decode DTS ES-Discrete, a 6.1-channel system in which the sixth channel is individually encoded rather than matrixed onto the regular left/right surround channels. And it’s the first receiver with DTS Neo:6 processing, an all-purpose decoding algorithm that derives 6.1-channel surround sound from any two-channel source, including plain stereo and matrixed Dolby Surround.

The AVR-5800 is deeper (19 1/8 inches front to back) than it is wide, …

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Kenwood VR-4700 Digital Surround Receiver Review

Ever looked at the pile of remote controls on your coffee table and wondered if they were breeding when you weren’t watching? I’ve got a receiver for you, Kenwood’s second-from-the-top model, the VR-4700. It brings a new weapon to bear in the fight against coffee-table clutter.
I’ve seen touchscreen remotes with LCD panels before, so the receiver’s PowerTouch handset wasn’t too surprising at first. But finding out that it controls the receiver via radio-frequency (RF) commands instead of the usual infrared (IR) flashes struck me as a valuable innovation. The use of RF signals not only promised correct operation regardless of where I pointed the remote but also let me use it through the walls of neighboring rooms – it doesn’t need a direct, line-of-sight path to the receiver. As the early draft of the manual that came with our preproduction test sample so vividly puts it, the VR-4700 will receive the PowerTouch commands even when it is installed “in a position where the IR remote signal can hardly access, for example, behind a tree.”

Touchscreen remote controls are, in general, really cool. The best ones, like Kenwood’s, are two-way devices that show the operating status of the receiver on …

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