Diversity Day opposed

York city Councillor Jeffrey Dawson wants residents to tell council members how they feel about the possibility of the mayor proclaiming Diversity Day.
Such a day would celebrate gays and various ethnic and religious groups.
In an e-mail response on the topic to anti-gay pastor Stephen Boisson, Dawson wrote: “The politically expedient way to deal with this is to just give in to the gay movement and not let council debate the issue.
“I will try my hardest to prevent that but to be successful I need you and everyone you know to contact all of council and encourage them to do everything in their power to prevent the degradation of our community values.
“By the way, don’t let any of them tell you that there is nothing they can do to stop it, tell them to get some backbone and stand up for family values.”
The quote was included in a letter Boisson wrote the York Advocate.
Dawson confirmed Monday that the quote was accurate.
Diversity Day was an option to Gay Pride Day that a group of local gays were to discuss Monday before meeting with Mayor Gail Surkan on Tuesday.
That meeting is so she can get …

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